Start your morning off right with a sweet treat and a cup of coffee from Josef’s Vienna Bakery

At Josef?s Vienna we would love to help brighten your morning with a sweet treat and a hot cup of coffee from our bakery. We are pleased to offer an impressive selection of breakfast pastries to suit anyone. With a wide selection of danish, scones, croissants and even bread pudding muffins?you are sure to find a new favorite.

Within our selection of breakfast pastries, we are pleased to offer a variety of danish that include a number of fillings?nuts, cheese, spices, raisins, fresh fruit and even custard?nestled into Josef?s signature danish dough. Our croissants are light, flaky and buttery with a number of options to suit many?plain and simple, cinnamon and almond twist, chocolate or almond filled, and savory Black Forest Ham and Swiss cheese. Our scones are made with real buttermilk, have a texture similar to biscuits and are studded with fresh, not dried, fruits?like tart cranberries and juicy blueberries. In the tradition of wasting less, we make our bread pudding muffins from our day-old baguettes and danish, mixed with raisins and pecans and capped with snowy powdered sugar?a unique and comforting new breakfast classic.

Our coffeecakes are hand made with Josef’s signature danish dough and rolled with fillings of fruits, nuts, cheese, honey and spices along with our special almond filling. One coffeecake feeds 8 people, so be sure to share with your family. Our famous pecan-almond coffeecake is the ideal complement to your morning cup. All selections and prices subject to change.

Please stop by our bakery to view our daily selection of breakfast pastries and treats.