Josef’s Fine Pastries & Minicakes Will Have Your Mouth Watering & Your Guests Talking!

When you walk into Josef?s Vienna Café and Restaurant, one of the first things you may notice is our daily selection of fine pastries and minicakes. This gleaming case is generously filled with small delights to please both the palate and eyes. Our passion for pastry is not only evident in the flavor of our fine pastries and minicakes, but also in decoration and presentation. Like they say, we eat first with our eyes.

Included within our selection of fine pastries are the classics?éclairs, napoleons and tarts. The chocolate éclair is a French classic?pâte choux dough is baked and its airy interior is filled with French cream and adorned with a slick of dark chocolate ganache and a sprinkling of toasted almonds?it?s a customer favorite.

We offer a variety of napoleons?layers of decadent French cream and flaky, shatter-in-your-mouth puff pastry?in flavors like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate hazelnut. We also have a number of fresh fruit tarts, including our Honey Almond Fresh Fruit Tart?a honey and almond shell lightly coated with chocolate, filled with vanilla French cream and topped with a crown of mixed, seasonally available fresh fruit?this tart is exclusively available in the individual size.

We offer 9 different minicakes?classic cake layers filled with delightful creams, fresh fruits, fruit preserves and chocolate, as well as cheesecakes. Our minicakes are presented as classic, tiered round cakes in miniature, or as a slice with each layer and its delicious contents visible to our customers. With such a variety of flavors and choices, our selection is sure to please every palate.

Josef?s fine pastries and minicakes will have your mouth watering and your guests talking! The perfect ending to a lovely meal or even as a sweet nibble to share anytime. Be sure to look out for our seasonal offerings?like our miniature holiday pies! All selections and prices subject to change.