Chocolate Strawberry Towers for your Valentine

Tired of long-stemmed Chocolate Strawberries and their high price tag? Have you ever seen a Chocolate Strawberry Tower? We are making them now! We dip 6 gorgeous strawberries in milk chocolate and stack them to the skies. A perfect little dessert to share with your favorite person. 

We also have 6″ heart cakes. Ruben is making two varieties: Fresh Strawberries and Cream with sweet, pink buttercream icing; and Raspberry Chocolate Delight with a decadent poured dark chocolate ganache icing. Either is sure to please your valentine.

Our hand-decorated cookies are all decked out in our Valentine’s colors too. We have cupcake cookies, be mine hearts, love bird cookies. Bring your littlest Valentine’s by, because they are going to love them! Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures, including heart butterflies and more!

Chocolate Strawberry Tower

Chocolate Strawberry Tower

Heart Cakes

Fresh Strawberry Cream Cake and Raspberry Chocolate Delight