The Science behind our Coffee

Coffee is a science, a simple pleasure shared between friends and around the globe. Here at Josef’s Vienna Bakery and CAFE VIENNA, we serve a dark Italian blend from a local roaster, Coffee Science. It’s an important and long-standing partnership we take a lot of pride in. Carl Staub, the man behind Coffee Science, is passionate about coffee, and his beans speak for themselves. He takes a price no object approach to buying and purchases only the finest 100% Arabic green coffee from the best regions in the world. After their long and complex journey, the beans reach the end of the road right here in Reno, Nevada, at Agtron’s roasting facility.

Many years ago, Carl began a comprehensive evaluation of the chemistry and physics of the roasting process. His objective was to apply this science to the roasting to improve coffee’s character. An appreciation for the finer things in life is what triggered Carl’s search for the consistently perfect cup of coffee. The results of his work are the Agtron Kinetic Roasting Method, the Academy of Coffee Science, and Coffee Science coffee.

Agtron Incorporated, the parent company to Coffee Science, introduced the first chemistry-based coffee roast analyzer in 1985. Its’ unique focus has made it the standard for the classification of roast with both commercial and specialty roasters worldwide. Carl’s “Electronic Wizard”, which can be fitted to any existing roasting equipment, is a computer controller that implements and manages the rules of the Kinetic Roasting Method, and ensures that each batch of beans roasted will produce the best results.

But of course, the best endorsement for Coffee Science coffee is the coffee itself. The world’s finest green beans, Agtron’s developed science, and an obsession for ultimate quality go into every pound of it. Our house blend is big and intense. Our espresso is complex and caramelly. If you love our coffee, take a some beans home. We sell 1 pound of Coffee Science whole beans for just $11.95. That’s some of the best coffee in the world, roasted locally for just 11.95 a pound. You can’t beat that!

Starting this week, we will also have their Alta Prima Breakfast blend available on our shelves. It’s a lighter roast than our house coffee, but has more of a caffeinated kick. The 1 pound bags are whole bean, so just let us know if you need it to be ground.

Thank you for stopping by and reading more about this wonderful local business partnership!